Morocco, Safest Country in the MENA Region for Christians

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Casablanca – Morocco is not included among the 50 countries where Christians are persecuted, according to an index released by the French non-governmental organization “Les Portes Overtes.”

The Global Index of the Persecution of Christians released by the French NGO “Les Portes Overtes” records incidents of persecution against Christians worldwide, and it does not include Morocco on its list of 50 countries where Christians have been victims of hate crimes.

Sudan is the first Arab country listed where Christians are persecuted, followed by Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Saudi Arabia ranks at number 14, Egypt 21 and Jordan 27.

In North Africa, Morocco is the only country where not one case of hate crime has been recorded. Libya has the highest level of persecution in North Africa, ranking 11 in the overall list. Tunisia is in the 29th position, whereas Algeria and Mauritania ranked 36 and 47 respectively.

Morocco is, therefore, the only country in the Middle East and North African where no cases of persecution against Christians have been reported, and is one of the safest countries in Africa for Christians.

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