Benkirane: “There is Something Wrong in This Country!”

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Rabat – “There is something wrong in this country”. These are the words chosen by Morocco’s appointed Head of Government, Abdelilah Benkirane, to comment about the delay of the formation of the government coalition.

The statement, reported by the party’s official portal, was made, on Saturday, during the ordinary session of the National Council of National Union of Moroccan Workers (UNTM), the Union affiliated to the Justice and Development Party (PJD).

“Sometimes things seem relatively clear. Sometimes not. In such cases, we need a close observation to behave in the right way. Only behavior matters,” said the appointed Head of Government.

He criticized as well the “unfair campaign” against the PJD led by what he described as “some corrupted” media that try to mislead people, adding that “it is not possible for a country that makes progress -as the king said in Addis Ababa- to face later maneuvers coming up against the whole process.”

“There are Lobbies who switch the direction and ultimately we find ourselves in front of a great country’s great loss,” Benkirane concluded.

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