André Azoulay Lauds Morocco’s Innovative Partnerships With Sub-Saharan Africa

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Rabat – Thanks King Mohammed VI’s leadership and his pioneering vision, Morocco has linked its destiny and future to an innovative and voluntarist partnership with the African continent, the King’s Advisor André Azoulay Stressed on Saturday in Munich.

Azoulay was speaking at the Munich Security Conference, which was attended by hundreds of high-level figures, notably UN Secretary-General António Guterres, European Council President Donald Tusk, NATO Secretary General and US Vice President Mike Pence.

It was also marked by the intervention of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who stressed the need for putting Africa at the center of the priorities of the G20 presidency and promoting development and investment in the continent.

In his speech, Azoulay underlined that King Mohammed VI, has from the outset and without ambiguity put Morocco in a dialectic and a strategy that tells our African partners that the time has come for the West to move from a spirit of conquest to a spirit of sharing.

For Azoulay, it is a true reform of the south-south relationship to which King Mohammed VI has set himself, inspired by a radical revision of the parameters which, since the end of the colonial period, have determined a modus-vivendi, which has for a long time accommodated itself solely to the instinct of the preservation of acquired interests and the archaic preservation of the status quo of another era.

Azoulay said that this exemplary reform aims to establish a momentum that will ultimately bear the signature of Morocco to seal the end of the post-colonial pact by proposing a more just distribution of wealth created jointly in Africa and for a new-generation governance that will live up to the expectations and hopes of a continent that will exceed three billion inhabitants by 2050, or nearly a third of the planet.

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