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Moroccan Boxing Federation Counterattacks Rabii’s Allegations

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Rabat – Following the allegations against the Royal Moroccan Boxing Federation (FRMB) by Moroccan boxer, Mohamed Rabii, for postponing his debut professional fight, which was scheduled to take place last Saturday, the FRMB countered Rabii, describing his allegations as “childish statements.”

The FRMB issued a communiqué on Wednesday, denouncing Rabii’s statements against federation officials for delaying his game, saying that “it has done many favors to Rabii for accomplishing his current achievements.”

The federation went on to add that it supported Rabii during his participation in both international and national competitions, including the AIBA World Champion in Doha. Rabii won the tournament title against Kazakhstan’s Daniyar Yeleussinov. He also participated in Rio 2016, where he qualified for the semi-finals and won a bronze medal.

“Although the ingratitude that Rabii has shown towards the favors of the boxing federation, it does not make sense that he managed to accomplish all these achievements without the help and direct support of the federation,” the FRMB said in the communiqué.

Rabii signed his professional contract on his own, without the intervention of the federation, according to the communiqué. It added that the signing decision made by Rabii occurred after his return to Morocco from Rio Olympic games.

The federation continued saying that it had not ordered the organizers of the Rabii’s to postpone his professional debut. The main reason behind the postponement of his game, they explained, was “the failure of selling the sufficient number of tickets for the public.”

“Rabii is distinguished by sagacity and moralities,” the federation continued. “His allegations [can] discredit him as a champion.”

Rabi was expected to face Tanzanian boxer Mishak Moankinkao at the Mohammed V complex in Casablanca.

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