Morocco Leads Africa towards Historic Development

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Paris – While Europe suffers from political crises and people challenge their leaders by giving power to populists, on the other side of the Mediterranean, Morocco leads Africa towards historic development, MEP Rachida dati said in a tribune published Thursday by the French daily “Le Figaro”.

“As a historical bond between Europe and Africa and a bridge over this often agitated Mediterranean, Morocco is today the undisputed leader of Africa”, the former French Justice minister said, recalling that the latest African tour of king Mohammed VI has laid the foundations for a new African economic integration.

Dati said that within few months, more than hundred bilateral agreements have been signed between Morocco and its African partners, noting that the kingdom is not only a key stakeholder in North Africa, but the initiator of “revolutionary” projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Far from the colonial heritage, Morocco has, in its growth momentum, led the whole continent towards win-win deals. South-south cooperation, too dear to the Sovereign, is illustrated by the setting up of agreements which benefit first the continent and its inhabitants”, she noted

Dati cited, inter alia, the largest gas pipeline project in West Africa linking Nigeria to Morocco through several countries, highlighting this new beneficial integration for the region and the integrated industrial hubs.

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